Inge, married to a granddaughter of John and Britha, nicknamed the place "The Little House on the Prairie".
Espen Roy Hilde 1963 Laubet Karnot Lorentsen.
Later she worked 1 møte med en kvinne as a seamstress doing contract work, but with bad working conditions, she also fell ill with TB and spent time in a sanatorium.
Married and lives in Bergen.We are not sure of the relationship but Marie thinks that he was a cousin of her father.When the children of Carl and Anna Grethe moved into Norway they were rapidly assimilated into the Norwegian culture.He and his brother Marius escaped from occupied Norway during the war and walked into Sweden.

Petra Mikalda Alberte Hansen.8?
Pollock fishing at the end of summer provided income.
Maria Kristina Johnson.25.1860 -.6.1944 Lars Johnson (Wara).30.1856 - married.30.1885 Maria, listed as Mary in the 1905 Minnesota census and as Maria in the 1910 census, was known as Marja and was born in the Karesuando parish of northern Sweden.
Here she met Sigurd Haugen from Madelia, Minnesota, an immigrant from Tofte in Hurum who owned and operated a small restaurant.
Solveig remembers him as slight of build and very quiet.She lived at Stokkenes all her life.Those children are Erling Hilmar, Einar, Ove Kjærbek, Hagbart Andor, leter du etter kvinner 60 Øifrid and Rolf.Children: Elin Ballari Riise.When he was a travelling salesman he often travelled in his own boat in all kinds of weather, and on land he would go by reindeer to visit clients.Children: Ruth Johansen 6,15,1959 Bitten Johansen.28.1962 Helge Johansen.17.1943.Rikard Augusta Regine Oline Tomine.1.1861.A farm place-name ( gårdsnavn ) or even the name of the district from which the family comes, is often added to the family name so that one could tell exactly which John Johnson is being talked about.Services were held in the Norwegian language, the minister was from north Norway, and since many of Albertine's friends belonged, she too began attending.There was no barn work and the town offered entertainments, a cinema, plays, church, dances and the company of many young people.She always loved to work and kept herself busy with knitting, embroidery, etc.The officials of the state church forced state Lutheranism upon them and they had to stand hat-in-hand and listen while the official version of religion was preached and interpreted for them.The old folk religion was banned and outlawed, the shaman drums burned and the joik, the traditional song-chant, was forbidden.Dir.: Gard Steiro, nyhetsredaktør: Tora Bakke Håndlykken, digitalredaktør: Ola.We learn from the Wasastjerna book on the history of Finns in Minnesota that the first Finns came to Thomson in 1873 and that by 1885 there were over one hundred Finns in Thomson and two rival Laestadian churches.

Married to Maud, they live in Langfjord and share the home with Magnus and Haldis.
Children: Oskar Alvin Larsen.1.1922.
There has been some speculation as to where the name Grape has come from.