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EastEnders character Eddie Moon.
Even when actors do work in soap for a not-insignificant time, they can still feel ill at ease.
The soap has now announced the names of the actors who will be playing his two sons, Anthony and Tyler, in the BBC1 drama.
The singer/actors busy schedule wouldnt allow anything else.So convinced were two EastEnders publicists that their phones were being hacked that one left another a voicemail detailing June Browns decision to quit the soap.I've met some of the cast I will be working with who were very friendly and welcoming and I can't wait to start filming.".As an actor he has performed in films, musical theatre, and TV shows, including the soap opera 'Eastenders'.Speaking about his new album, he added to ITV1's 'This Morning "It's got a lot of my previous hits and some new songs.The 70s heartthrob - who plays Eddie Moon in the BBC One soap - will be bowing out of Albert Square in mid-October in the hope of reviving his once successful pop career and releasing an acoustic album in time for Christmas."I'm so pleased to get my first TV role, I just didn't believe it would be so big.David Essex is to join the cast.Advertisement, admittedly, a demented Vanessa touching your knick-knacks might have even the hardiest soul eyeing escape, but Eddie has been ensconced in E20 for a mere six months.The singer, actor and 1970s heart-throb is seen here for the first time as his "charismatic" alter-ego, who arrives this summer.

As well as being recognised wherever you go having once walked down the street behind Marc flørtende og rampete vitser Elliott (EastEnders Syed) and heard every other passerby call out his character name, it drove me mad, never mind him theres the press intrusion.
And so Glenda was recast and Glynis Barber got the role.
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Hacked off, for whatever reason and there are plenty, from the workload to a perceived lack of status some actors find working on a soap so difficult that the wonders of a regular income cant compensate."They're leaving the door ajar for.While Essexs exit may have always been part of the EastEnders plan, sometimes producers do have to deal with curveballs.Short, sharp shock, apparently not.Celebrity News, may 10, :46 BST David Essex makes EastEnders debut.Tony Discipline, also 22, who plays Tyler, a "bloke's bloke" who lives for the weekend and often ends up in trouble, particularly with "the ladies said: "It's really exciting to be able to work on a show that you have grown up watching and have."Headed up by David Essex, the Moon clan are on their way to becoming an established family in the Square.".Photo: BBC "It has been my lifetime ambition to.The singer, actor and 1970s heartthrob is expected to create fresh tensions in the Moon household playing Eddie, the charismatic father of Michael and uncle to Alfie.He is a unique talent with a legion of fans, and he will bring warmth and charisma to the role of Eddie Moon.However, David's eastEnders ' alter-ego doesn't look set to be leaving Walford quietly, as he admitted he has been working on a series of "powerful" exit plots, but producers are leaving the "door ajar" for a potential return in the future.There's this kind of galvanised quality of a family under pressure!He explained: "Eddie's story lines from now until October are phenomenal.I was so looking forward to playing Glenda, but having spent the last 15 years working in the US largely acting in single drama and writing fiction I felt, on arrival, I lacked the right experience to film such a big continuing drama, she said.